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Zapper is a leading UK trade-in platform. We offer instant cash valuations for your unwanted items, and we always pay what we offer. Unlike our competitors, we don’t reject items that have no resale value. With recycling turned on, everything you send us is either reused, recycled or given a new lease of life. Declutter, the eco way!

Simply send us your items securely sealed with the correct labels, and we’ll do the rest. Read more on our packaging guidelines.

To see what goes into recycling your unwanted items, check out our video…

Our Eco Promise

We pride ourselves on being a trade-in platform with an eco purpose. Our mission is to help you declutter, and do all we can to stop stuff going to landfill. Where our competitors might reject items that have no value, we recycle them. Everything you send is either reused, recycled or given a new lease of life – we aim to never allow a single book to go to landfill. 

If your books have no resale value, we recycle them into materials like cardboard, paper, toilet roll and much more. Book by book, recycling saves trees from being chopped down. CDs, DVDs, and Games take thousands of years to decompose in a landfill. Recycle them with Zapper and we’ll turn the discs into plastics ready to be used again. Declutter the eco way and together we can help the environment – it’s our eco promise.

Don't just take our word for it...

We buy your unwanted stuff, no hassles, no funny business. Send us your stuff for free and we will send you cash in return.

Sell books to Zapper, the UK’s leading trade-in platform. For over a decade, Zapper’s been offering the best prices for your old books.

Getting an instant valuation for your books is quick and easy. Simply type in the barcode of your used books or scan them using our handy app. Once you’ve valued your cookbooks, textbooks or whatever unwanted books you’ve got lying around your house, choose from one of our payment methods, pack them up and send them our way for FREE. Attach the free postage labels we send via email, and take your boxes to your nearest CollectPlus drop-off point. After we’ve received and processed your books, we pay – you’ll have the cash before you know it.

Zapper is the easiest way to make money on your old books – get trading today!

Sell CDs, DVDs and Games to Zapper and declutter for cash!

Our platform is easy to use and we offer the best prices. Simply scan the barcodes of your unwanted items, and we’ll give you an instant valuation. After sealing your items securely and attaching the CollectPlus labels, simply drop off at your nearest CollectPlus drop-off point. Once received, your cash will be with you in no time. It’s that easy.

Instead of rejecting items like our competitors do, Zapper can recycle your old CDs, DVDs and Games for free. It helps you declutter whilst benefiting the environment.

There really is no easier way to sell CDs, DVDs and games, so why not give it a go?

With technology evolving and phones constantly being released, you’re bound to have some old mobiles lying around the house that you no longer use. Not sure what to do with your old mobile phones? Why not sell them to Zapper. It’s an easy, hassle-free service that will give you a little extra cash towards an often expensive upgrade.

We offer great deals, instant valuation and completely FREE postage. Trading with Zapper won’t cost you a penny, so don’t worry about any hidden costs trying to catch you out. As part of our service, we let you chose how you want to be paid; ranging from PayPal, to bank transfer, to old reliable mailed cheque.

Just pick the make, model and condition of the devices you wish to sell and before you know it, the cash will start to stack up before your eyes.

Pack your phones up and send them to us for FREE using Royal Mail – it’s that easy.

If selling electronics is your game then Zapper is the name. With unmissable deals across consoles, cameras, iPods and MP3 players, you’ll find it hard to justify keeping your old tech in the cupboard.

Zapper provides an efficient service that will get money in your pockets in no time at all. At Zapper, we like to think of our service as providing a, ‘win win’ situation; declutter your house of old electronics whilst making stacks of cash! To start trading with Zapper, just enter the names of the items you wish to trade into our website, state the condition and get an instant valuation. Once you’ve done that, package up your electronics and send them to us via Royal Mail, making sure you attach the free post label. Once we process your items, we pay – meaning you’ll have the money via your preferred payment method in no time!

Begin selling electronics today and see how much you could earn!

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