Packaging Guidelines

How to package your items

Our simple guidelines make it easier than ever for you to send us your items and ensure everything arrives in tip-top condition. Just follow these easy steps to get started:

Grab one or more sturdy boxes that fit the size guidelines below

Remember we will only pay for stock that meets our condition guidelines and we won’t be able to tell if something has been damaged in transit or was already in poor condition. To avoid disappointment please take care packing your items.

Maximum box dimensions

Each box should fit inside the maximum dimensions 60cm x 50cm x 50cm and maximum weight 15kg. If you find you have a number of smaller boxes, then tape them together to create one large package within the above dimensions and affix one shipping label only to the parcel. Remember to use plenty of tape, as boxes can otherwise get easily separated during shipping.

Please note the maximum weight for an entire trade is 45kg. So that’s 3 x 15kg boxes. Note our system will warn you in advance if the estimated weight of your trade has reached the 45kg limit. 

Wrap up everything securely

Make sure items are packed and wrapped in such a way that they won’t get damaged in transit. Pack items tightly together, and using protective wrapping as required. e.g. tuck newspaper, or additional scrap cardboard between items and the outside wall of the box to prevent items such as CD cases being damaged.

Double check everything before sealing up the box

Mixing up discarded items with items in the trade is an easy enough mistake to make, so just take a moment to double check the items in the trade before you seal your boxes. Count the number of books, CDs, DVDs and games shown on the trade screen with the number of each type of item you have packed, then double check each title one by one just to be sure.

Securely attach the postage label

If your box has been used before, be sure to remove any previous shipping labels to prevent any confusion with tracking, then attach your Zapper postage label. It should be securely affixed to the box and have its barcode easily visible. NOTE do not cover the barcode with Sellotape, otherwise machine barcode readers used by couriers may not be able to read these barcodes and as a result your item may get lost or delayed. Please stick the label to your parcel by using Sellotape around the edges and not over the label print. Please also ensure the label has been printed clearly without any blurring.

Send to us

If you’re posting your items via your nearest Evri (formerly Hermes) ParcelShop the offers we make are guaranteed for 7 days from the moment you added the items to your list to give you plenty of time to get everything ready. Make sure you drop your boxes off within this timeframe to enjoy your extra cash.

If you chose collection, your items will be collected on the date you selected. It’s really that simple.

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