Cookie Policy


What is in a cookie?

A cookie is a simple text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device by a website’s server and only that server will be able to retrieve or read the contents of that cookie. Each cookie is unique to your web browser.

Cookies and Zapper

Zapper’s web site uses cookies.

Zapper uses cookies to improve the operation of the web site to the benefit of the user of the web site.

Zapper’s cookies hold anonymous information such as a unique identifier and the site name and some digits and numbers. It allows Zapper’s website to remember details such as the list of individual items you have entered. So for instance if you enter a large number of items and then take a break, closing your browser, the items are still there when you come back to complete the trade.

Zapper also uses cookies from 3rd parties such as Google to enable remarketing services although these are not always used.

Zapper does not hold personal information that relates to you as an individual in cookies.

What to do if you don’t want cookies to be set

If you find the idea of a website storing information on your computer or mobile device a bit intrusive, particularly when this information is stored and used by a third party such as Google without you knowing. Although this is generally quite harmless you may not, for example, want to see advertising that has been targeted to your interests.

If you prefer, it is possible to block some or all cookies, or even to delete cookies that have already been set; but you need to be aware that you might lose some functions of the Zapper website.

Cookies are managed through your browser and browser settings.

Each browser is different but look to the privacy and security settings for your choice of browser and you find the ability to do this. If you use multiple different browsers you will need to change the cookie settings in each browser.

Will Zapper work if I disable cookies?

The Zapper web site will work with cookies but you will lose some of the capability.

For instance if you disable cookies in your browser and leave a session where you have built a list with items, you will find those items are lost when you return.

Zapper would recommend that you do not disable cookies for the Zapper site but ultimately this is your choice.

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