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Selling Academic Books Online

Are you a student or a graduate with lots of textbooks and academic books in your house? Perhaps you’ve recently completed your Principles of Accounting or Foundations of Psychology and you’re wondering what to do with your academic books. There are several options. You could leave them collecting dust and taking up vital shelf space. You could list them on eBay and hope that you find a buyer for each of the dozen books you’ve got listed across different subject matters and hope that the buyer doesn’t flake out at the last minute. You could throw them in the bin and see them end up at landfill, which doesn’t do the environment any favours. Or, you could send them ALL to Zapper – yes, we mean all of them. With recycling turned ON you can send us all of your academic books, even if some of them have no value. 

Zapper will take it all. Accountancy books, medical books, business books, PE books, economics books, nursing books, engineering books – the list goes on. Chances are that during the past few years of education you’ve accumulated a decent pile of textbooks, and despite you enjoying the topic at the time (or not) maybe it’s time to let go. After all, you remembered every single detail in the book, right?

Best Place to Sell Academic Books

Zapper is the best place to sell academic books because we make it so easy. There’s three broad reasons why it’s the best site to sell books to. One, we offer great prices for your academic books, no matter the subject, no matter how boring you found reading it. Two, we accept ALL items, meaning you can package up all of your books and get rid of them once and for all. This beats waiting on lengthy marketplace auctions for individual books. Three, we make it easy for you to do your bit for the environment. Recycling academic books with no value helps save books going to landfill, and reduces the need for unnecessary chopping down of trees. 

So, what are you waiting for? See how much your academic books are worth today. Download our easy to use app and get scanning! 

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