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Since 2009 we’ve helped thousands of people cash in for their unwanted books. 

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Zapper provides the easiest way to make money for recycling unwanted books.


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Selling your books online with Zapper

Whether you’ve made the move to reading on a tablet, or you’re simply trying to clear some space by getting rid of some old books, Zapper has the perfect solution for your unwanted literature. Sending your books to Zapper will simultaneously declutter your house whilst making you stacks of cash. With the Zapper app, or our simple valuation engine, you’ll get a quick price for your old books. Sending them off to Zapper is completely FREE; you won’t pay a penny in postage or face any hidden costs. Attach the free postage labels we send via email, and choose whether you want to drop off your parcel or arrange for a home collection – both options are free.

Books are a staple of human society. We’ve used them for centuries as a way of recording facts, sharing stories, and telling tales. Whether you’ve collected books over the years for fun, or have boxes full of textbooks or university books, the chances are you don’t want to hold onto them all. Rather than allowing them to gather dust, why not sell them for some easy cash? Now that books and various other forms of entertainment are available in streamlined digital format, many people have switched paperbacks for tablet reading devices. Whether you’re joining the digital revolution, or you simply want to make some space on your overloaded bookshelves, Zapper can help you make money on the books you no longer need.


How much are second hand books worth?

Getting a quote for your second hand books couldn’t be easier. Simply type the barcode of your books into our valuation system and we’ll give you an instant price. Alternatively, download our app to turn your smartphone into a barcode reader, making it even easier to value your books. At Zapper, what we quote is what we pay, so don’t aspect any hidden costs digging into your money.

After the transaction stage is completed on our website, we’ll send a free post label to your email which you should attach to your packaged books. We’re all about making sure that trading your unwanted books, games, DVDs and more is easier than ever. Don’t allow your old books to take up space in your home! Trade them in for cash with Zapper today!

What Kind of Books Can I Sell?

With Zapper you can sell all kinds of books, such as cookbooks and childrens books. If you’ve recently graduated and want to get rid of your textbooks or academic books, we’d be happy to take them no matter what subject you studied. We’ll buy architecture books, business books, nursing books, medical books and engineering books.

Zapper makes it easy to get rid of all kinds of unwanted books. We enable you to get rid of all of your books in one go, whereas on other platforms you’d only be able to send some of your collection. No matter what genre or kind of book, if it has value we’ll give you a great cash offer, but if not we will save you the hassle of sifting through your books by offering you the chance to send it to us free of charge for recycling purposes. Zapper is the eco platform for selling books, whether you’ve got a collection of Horrid Henry books, or a pile of Italian cookbooks, we’ll take them.

What Condition Can I Sell Books in?

It’s important that the books are in a good condition to send us. Whilst our valuation engine will offer you a certain price for a book, it won’t be able to understand whether your book is in a poor condition, so it’s important to fully understand our guidelines on this.

We cannot pay for books that aren’t in good condition, so don’t send us books that have torn covers, missing pages, mouldy pages, wet pages, or even textbooks with a large amount of highlighted and underlined text. To ensure you send us books deemed in good condition please make sure to read our full condition guidelines.

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