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Architecture is one of the most sought after careers for many. Combining the art and science of designing buildings appeals to a lot of people, but of course it is one of the most advanced professions there is. With that there comes a need for many years of studying and architecture exams, and therefore students of the subject accumulate a tonne of architecture books over the years. Perhaps you’re wondering what the best option is in terms of getting rid of these books. Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Zapper gives instant valuations on all of your architecture books. Whether you’re wanting to get rid of books on constructions, planning or design, scan the barcodes to get an instant cash offer. We know you’ve probably got a pile of books you need to get rid of, whether they’re architecture books or not, so that’s why we make it so easy to do just that. With ‘recycling’ switched on you can send us all your books in one go, even if some books have no value. Where our competitors might reject some items with no value, we can take them off you for recycling purposes. 

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We make selling your old architecture books so easy. One, we take all your books off of you in one go. Two, we send you postage labels so all you have to do is box the books up and send them. Three, you can send them to us completely FREE. Four, we have a super easy app you can download to make scanning barcodes a breeze in the park. And lastly, you’ll receive your cash as soon as we receive the books. Simple. Scan, send, spend!

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