Condition Guidelines

Guidelines for the condition of your items

As all items received are bound for reuse, we cannot pay for anything that’s not in great condition, specifically:

Books which:

  • have torn covers
  • have no dust jackets
  • have missing or unstuck pages
  • have torn or significantly bent pages
  • have mouldy or mottled pages
  • are wet or water damaged
  • are smoke damaged or have other strong unpleasant odours
  • are textbooks or work books with completed answers
  • are textbooks or school books with a large volume of highlighted or underlined text
  • are children’s sticker books, pop up or sound effect books, unless in original unopened packaging 
  • are well worn, chewed or scribbled on
  • are children’s books with accompanying toys or sound effects, unless in original unopened packaging
  • have accompanying CDs or PC disks which are missing or damaged
  • are software books with accompanying software where the activation code is invalid
  • do not have an ISBN number
  • are incomplete sets of books
  • are self-published, or vanity published books
  • are publishers’ proofs

Games which:

  • have missing or used access codes
  • are missing any of the art work or instruction booklets
  • are rental or promotional copies
  • are significantly damaged or missing case
  • are in the wrong case


  • with broken, damaged or missing cases
  • without all the original packaging (e.g. artwork, booklets or manuals)
  • that have sustained scratches, cracks or any other damage. Light surface scuffing may be acceptable provided it does not impact the disc’s ability to run
  • that are incomplete (e.g. boxsets)
  • that are misprinted copies
  • that are home recorded or with photocopied artwork

DVDs which:

  • have cracked cases
  • have missing or incorrect discs
  • are ex rental or promotional copies
  • are pornographic or offensive material
  • are in cardboard cases where the cardboard is torn, stained or damaged

Every item we are sent is checked by our quality control team. We will not make payment for any items that do not meet the stated criteria. Acceptance of any orders or items are at our sole discretion and all decisions are final. All rejected items will be recycled.

Should any of your items fail quality control checks, you will be informed by email. 

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