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If you, like most, have piles of books at home simply collecting dust you may be wondering what you can do with them. Zapper offers a way to recycle books you no longer need, and it’s a great way to earn some fast cash. Using our handy app, or by entering in the barcodes of each of your books, you’ll receive an instant valuation. Unlike our competitors, if your book has no value we will still let you send it to us for free, purely for recycling purposes. We hate to see anything going to the landfill. So, if you’d like to get rid of some clutter on your shelves whilst doing your bit for the environment, keep ‘recycling’ turned on and we will help you do exactly that. It’s so easy and completely free to use. Just scan in your books, send them to us for FREE, and you’ll receive a rapid payment before you know it. 

Books have been integral to society for many decades, and whilst there is still widespread use for them, a lot of people have largely switched to consuming information digitally. A lot of people who recycle books with Zapper are avid readers who’ve switched to reading books on a Kindle. Whether you’ve switched to a Kindle or you just want to get rid of books, recycling your books is certainly much better than throwing them in the bin. It’s our commitment to make sure your books get a new purpose, whether in a new home or whether the materials are reused for another product. 

The Best Place to Recycle Books

Zapper is the best place to recycle books while earning cash at the same time. Whether you’ve got textbooks, novels, cookbooks, business books, or photography books, we’d hate to see them go to waste. Recycling is an integral part of our society nowadays, and if you’re environmentally conscious like us you’ll feel even better about getting cash for recycling your old books knowing they’re getting a new life. 

You may be wondering what exactly we do with your old books? Well, when your books can’t be resold, your books might be turned into material such as cardboard, toilet roll or packaging. The materials used in books are easily recyclable, which is why it’s such a shame when they’re sent to landfill. The books being recycled take on a new form, and no matter what that new form is, if it saves one more tree from being cut down then we’re onto a winner. So, start entering in your barcodes or download our easy app, and give those dusty old books a new lease of life while earning some cash. Scan, Send, Spend!

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