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Selling your Blu-rays with Zapper

Got a pile of old movies sitting ideally on a shelf? Why not sell your Blu-rays to Zapper? The digital world we live in is full of new ways to entertain ourselves – from streaming services to digital downloads, your old Blu-rays may start being a little useless. It’s no wonder that more and more people are trading their old DVDs and Blu-rays with us! Whether you’re simply clearing out excess clutter in your home, or you’re saving up cash for a new purchase, Zapper can help! Our straightforward system makes selling your old Blu-rays simple, and cost-effective. Trading with us won’t cost you a penny – we offer FREE shipping or collectionon every trade.

The very first prototypes for the Blu-ray disc were unveiled by Sony in 2000. The first player was introduced in Japan, during 2003 and afterwards, it continued to be developed and tweaked until it was finally ready for release in 2006. Although the CD was still relevant when Blu-ray rays were being developed, manufacturers were constantly searching for a way to provide a truly HD viewing experience. By increasing the capacity and capabilities of the standard CD, Blu-ray discs allowed high-quality sound and visual elements to be embedded on a disc. Today, whilst all these factors are still true, stunning HD films can be streamed or downloaded, hence falling overall sales in Blu-ray discs.

The best place to sell Blu-rays

As impressive as your Blu-ray collection might be, there’s always a chance that you could end up with piles of unwanted movies in your home. If you’ve found that you’ve collected too many Blu-rays over the years, then Zapper can help you trade your unwanted discs for cash. Simply scan your Blu-rays, or enter their barcode details into the Zapper valuation engine, and you’ll receive an instant quote. Don’t worry – postage is completely FREE and we’ll send your Hermes label to you by email as soon as your trade is completed.

At Zapper, we give you a choice of solutions for receiving payment. Choose from bank transfer, PayPal or good old-fashioned cheque. We’ll send your money the moment we successfully process your Blu-rays – so there’s minimal waiting around. Don’t leave your Blu Rays to pile up! Make some quick cash today with Zapper!

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