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Selling your digital camera with Zapper

If you’re looking to upgrade your camera, why not sell your old digital cameras for cash to Zapper? With Smartphone cameras getting better and better, many of us seem to find ourselves with no use for our old digital cameras. Whilst for the keen photographer among us, there will be no substitute for a professional digital camera, the smartphone offers plenty of photographic capabilities for us novices. At Zapper we’ll give you a competitive quote on your used digital cameras that you could use to fund a newer, better model or spend whatever you so please. With Zapper, selling digital cameras is easy! Our straight-forward service has no hidden fees – all the money goes straight into your pocket!

A digital camera is a camera that encodes the images it takes into data that can be stored on a chip or a memory card for later reproduction. The history of digital cameras started with Eugene F. Lally from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In 1961, Mr. Lally had an idea to capture pictures of the stars and planets moving through space. However, the technology for cameras at that time wouldn’t have been able to manage the concept. Finally, in 1975, Steven Sasson build and engineered the first electronic camera using a part known as a ‘charge-coupled device’ for sensing images. By 2000, digital cameras had mostly replaced film cameras. By 2010, almost every smartphone on the market had a digital camera integrated into it. Unlike you, we want your old dusty digital cameras. Log on to Zapper today and sell digital cameras for great prices!

How much is a digital camera worth

Unsure how much your digital camera is worth? No problem. Zapper makes it easy to get an instant valuation; simply type the model of your digital camera into the search box and click GET VALUE. After that, let us know the condition of your device and we’ll give you an instant quote – it’s that easy. We offer a range of payment methods to suit you, whether that be by bank transfer, PayPal or good old-fashioned cheque.

Every time you sell digital cameras with Zapper, shipping is absolutely FREE. That goes for all the products we trade. That means it won’t cost you a penny to send you all stuff our way. When you decide you want to trade with us, package up your camera securely, making sure it will be safe in transit, and attach the free post label we’ll send you in our sales pack. Now all that remains is taking your old digital camera down to your local Post Office. We pay as soon as we successfully process your items. You’ll have the money in your account in no time at all.

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