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Since our beginnings in 2009, we’ve helped thousands of people cash in for their DVDs.

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Zapper provides the easiest way to make money while recycling unwanted DVDs.

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Simply choose a date and we’ll arrange for your DVDs to be collected. It’s that easy.

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Get an Instant Valuation for Your DVDs
To see how much your DVDs are worth, use our handy app and enter the barcodes manually. We give great cash offers!
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Pack your items and wait for collection
Simply pack your items into a box and wait for us to come and collect. Before sending, please read our Condition Guidelines as we can not make payment for any items that do not meet the stated criteria. After you have ensured your items meet the required condition, refer to our Packaging Guidelines.
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Get Paid!
Whether by bank transfer or PayPal, you'll receive cash as soon as we receive your DVDs.
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Sell DVDs online with Zapper

Are your cabinets full of dusty DVDs you never watch? You’re not alone! Plenty of people across the UK have homes full of DVDs that they no longer want. Back in the day, it used to be the case that DVDs were given as gifts,or bought as a last-minute treat for a movie night with a significant other. However, with new streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, DVDs are becoming less popular than ever. Whilst you may have used DVDs in the past, they may now be a redundant fixture of your house taking up space. Fortunately, if you want to clear out some clutter and make some easy cash, you could always sell DVDs with Zapper!

DVDs, or digital versatile discs (digital video discs) were co-developed by Panasonic, Toshiba, Philips, and Sony in 1995. Designed as a technologically-savvy solution to the old-fashioned option of VHS tapes, DVDs quickly revolutionized the way we view and collect media. Not only were DVDs more robust and aesthetically attractive than bulky tapes – they were also capable of producing far better quality in terms of sound and picture – meaning that they quickly made the VHS obsolete. However, with a new age of streaming services, DVDs too are becoming obsolete. Looking for the best place to sell DVDs? Look no further than Zapper, we offer excellent prices and FREE postage or collection.

The best place to sell DVDs

Using our website or app, it’s simple and straightforward to sell DVDs online. Whether you’re clearing space in your home, or you want to fill your pockets, Zapper can help! Simply scan your items with our nifty app, or enter your DVD barcode details into the Zapper valuation engine – you’ll receive an instant quote for your unwanted DVDs. If that wasn’t enough, shipping your stuff to us is completely FREE with no sneaky hidden costs!

Sending your DVDs to Zapper is hassle-free. When you’ve finished valuing your old DVDs and selecting one of our payment methods, choose whether you want to drop off your parcel or arrange for a home collection – both options are free.

Trading your DVDs with Zapper couldn’t be easier, so what are you waiting for? Clear out your DVDs and make some cash today!

What Condition Can I Sell DVDs in?

Zapper gives you a platform to sell and recycle your DVDs, but it’s important to check the condition of your items is up to standard to receive the cash offered. We require that the DVDs we receive meet certain criteria to be considered as in a good condition. For example, the DVDs should not have damaged cases and they shouldn’t be ex rental or promotional copies. To read everything you need to know on DVD condition requirements, read our condition guidelines.

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