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It’s strange to contemplate how we lived before the era of mobile phones. These days, phones are so essential to modern-day life that we find ourselves floundering if we’re without one for more than an hour. With technology progressing the way it does, many phones have been left obsolete. This may have left you with a collection of old mobile phones that have been sitting in your bedside drawer for the last few years. With Zapper, you can trade these in for quick cash. Sell mobile phones to Zapper today and start raking in the cash!

Mobile phones as we know them today, have come a long way since Martin Cooper (a researcher and executive for Motorola) made the first mobile phone call from a handheld piece of equipment back in 1973. When they were first created, mobile phone weighed around 1.1 kg, were 13 cm deep, 23 cm long, and 4.45 cm wide. Today’s impressive mobile devices are brimming with incredible technology. These days, most mobile phones come with everything from front-facing cameras, to web browsing facilities, and even graphics cards that let us play our favorite games. What’s more, new innovations are emerging every day, making old, bulky phones a thing of the past – thankfully!

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Selling phones to zapper couldn’t get any easier. To get a valuation for your unwanted devices, find your model by typing its name into the search box and select GET VALUE. Once you’ve done this, indicate the devices condition. Our valuation engine will then give you an instant quote. Our website is safe, secure and trustworthy. We guarantee to pay as soon as we’ve successfully processed and screened your device. No catches, no hidden costs.

With new models appearing on the market almost constantly, there’s nothing wrong with looking for an affordable solution to upgrade your old device. Don’t leave your old, unwanted tech to sit at home, gathering dust – sell your old phones to Zapper today! We’ll buy your smartphones for competitive prices, giving you the extra cash to spend however you please. If that’s not enough to persuade you, shipping your device to us is completely FREE with Royal Mail.

Devices we buy: Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Sony

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