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Old books taking up valuable space in your house? Have you decided you’ll never read them again? If you’ve decided your old books have had their day, you’ve come to the right place. Zapper offers a fantastically easy way to sell old books. In fact, it’s the perfect solution for getting rid of all of your unwanted old literature. We help you declutter your house of old books whilst giving you cash and even helping the environment. What’s more, it’s completely free for you. That’s right, sending your old books to us is free. 

Books have been an integral part of our life for centuries, whether for formal education, leisurely reading, or perhaps learning a new skill. Whilst books are still valued today, there is no doubt that the digital revolution has reduced their need somewhat. Given you can easily read online, read on a Kindle or even listen to an audiobook, naturally some people see less of a reason to purchase books. We don’t think books are going anywhere fast, as there’s nothing like reading a gripping page-turner. However that doesn’t mean that the bookworms amongst us don’t have some books to get rid of to make space for new ones, or that sometimes everyone feels that they need to declutter and get rid of some old dusty books. 

Best Place to Sell Old Books 

Zapper is the best place to sell old books for various reasons. When selling old books you may find that our competitors see no value in some of the items and they will reject the items. You’ll then have to sift through your items, send the valued ones away and work out what to do with the unwanted old books. At Zapper it’s different. Keep ‘recycling’ turned on and we’ll take it all, no matter the resale value. Most books you’ll get great cash offers for, but where books would normally be rejected, we will take them off you for recycling purposes. This means you can get rid of your old books in one go, no stress involved. 

What’s great is that you can use our super-easy app free of charge, and you can scan your old books at rapid speed. Before you know it, you’ll have all 137 of your old books in a completed trade, ready to be sent to us. Once we receive your awesome old books we’ll send you the cash really fast. Old and unloved books are welcome at Zapper. We take all kinds of old books – old business books, old cookbooks, old textbooks, old children’s books, you name it. 

We’ll take all of your old books off you so you can clear up some valued space, and you can rest easy knowing you did your bit for the environment by not sending any books to landfill. The books we recycle can be used again for all kinds of things, like toilet paper and tissue, to useful materials like cardboard and card. It’s a great way to earn cash while helping the environment. So, download the Zapper app today and get scanning, sending and spending! 

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