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Selling your PS2 with Zapper

The Sony PlayStation 2 for many is a console of a childhood. Releasing at the dawn of the century, the PS2 expanded heavily on the well-loved original PlayStation. The PS2 offered top of the range graphics, DVD capabilities and a plethora of games to be enjoyed across the generations. Whilst consoles these days certainly have better graphics than the PS2, there’s certainly something special about the sleek design and iconic start-up loading screen which has cemented the PS2 in gaming history. Whilst the PlayStation 2 remains an iconic console, the one you own today may not have been switched on in years, let alone work. Why not sell your PS2 with Zapper and earn a useful bit of cash! As well as consoles, Zapper also will buy your old PS2 Games for a competitive price.

The PS2 had an abundance of useful features that made it stand out on the gaming market. For example, the console could be stood horizontally or vertically. Horizontal positioning would give it a more traditional console feel, where as vertical made the console resemble a PC tower. Expanding on this idea, Sony released a Linux disc which enabled people to use their PS2 as a PC. This enabled the tech-savvy PS2 user to transform their console into development kit, meaning they could use open source code to create their own games. As well as all this, the PlayStation 2 could also play DVDs, meaning those who purchased a PS2 wouldn’t have to fork out for an DVD player as well as their PlayStation.

How much is a PS2 worth

If you’re thinking of selling your PS2, why not trade with Zapper. Although the PS2 was undoubtedly a superb device, gaming has come on leaps and bounds since its release, leaving the PS2 out of date. To get a value, type in the model of your PlayStation 2 in the search box, then click GET VALUE. Once you’ve indicated the condition of your PS2 our valuation engine will do the rest! We pay you how you want and make sure to put your payment through as soon as we’ve successfully processed your items. You’ll have your cash in no time at all.

The great thing about Zapper is that all the money you earn from your unwanted PS2 goes straight into your pocket with no unforeseen costs or added extras. With FREE shipping on every transaction, selling to Zapper won’t cost you a penny! We simply offer a great way for you to make a little extra cash in the easiest way possible.

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