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Selling your PS4 Games with Zapper

With new exciting titles for the PS4 releasing all the time, it’s often hard to justify spending so much on new games. In every gamers collections there are always games which don’t get played as much as they used to. Whether that’s because they’ve been completed, or you’ve just got bored of them, they now sit ideally on the shelf collecting dust. At Zapper, we want you to get the most from your games. That’s why we suggest you sell PS4 games to Zapper to make money to put towards the latest releases! Trading games with Zapper won’t cost you a penny as we offer FREE shipping with Collect Plus on every transaction.

With so many amazing titles on the PS4 it’s hard to pin down Zapper’s favourites. At Launch the PS4 came with some extremely strong titles including, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and FIFA 14. However, Zapper’s favourite title at launch would have to be Battlefield 4, and specifically the multiplayer. Offering sprawling maps complete with a whole range of vehicles, detailed weapon customisation and excellent combat, Battlefield 4 had to be one of the best titles to release on the PS4 – full stop. Other notable games included Elder Scrolls Skyrim and of course Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End which sold a whopping 8.7 million copies.

How much are PS4 Games worth

If you’ve got a load of unwanted or unused PS4 games, you could be sitting on a mountain of cash! To get a valuation for your old games, either type the barcodes of your unwanted games into our website, or download are nifty app and scan them using your smartphone. We guarantee that we pay what we offer, providing your games are in working condition. Selling PS4 games has never been so easy and lucrative!

Sending your old games to Zapper is simple. Once you’re done with scanning your old games and have a valuation, choose your preferred payment method. Once this is finished, we’ll email you a free post label. Now all that remains is dropping your PlayStation 4 games off at your nearest Collect Plus Point. Zapper guarantees to pay as soon as we process your items.

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