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Sony PSP Go
Sony PSP Go
We Pay Up to £0.00
Sony PSP Original
Sony PSP Original
We Pay Up to £0.00
Sony PSP Phat
Sony PSP Phat
We Pay Up to £0.00
Sony PSP Slim
Sony PSP Slim
We Pay Up to £0.00

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Selling your PSP with Zapper

When the PSP was first released back in 2005 it was an incredibly exciting time for avid gamers. There had been handheld gaming devices before, but this was the first time the goliath of Sony had ventured into the portable gaming market, previously dominated by Nintendo. Whilst this may have been exciting at the time, the PSP you currently own is probably sat in your draw having not seen the light of day in years. Instead of waiting for it to gradually disintegrate, why not sell your PSP to Zapper for cash!

Part of the seventh generation of video games, the PSP was the first real competitor to Nintendo’s dominance in the handheld market. With models such as the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, Sony knew their product would have to be ground-breaking. The GPU allowed for amazing graphics on a sizeable 4.3 inch screen. It allowed millions of PlayStation fans to play their favourite games, such as FIFA and Medal of Honour, on the go! If this wasn’t enough, the PSP technology allowed for connectivity to other PSPs, the PlayStation 3 and the Internet.

How much is my PSP worth

If you’re curious as to how much your PlayStation Portable is worth, scroll up to our search bar to find the model of PSP you want to receive a quote for. After you’ve found it, indicate the condition and receive an instant valuation. We also offer FREE shipping on every trade, meaning selling your PSP to Zapper won’t cost you at a thing! All the more reason to get trading with Zapper!

Once you’ve completed the trade side of things on our website and have selected a payment type, we’ll send you out our sales pack. As part of this pack, you’ll find a free-post label that you should attach to your securely packaged PSP. After that, simply send your PSP our way with Royal Mail completely free of charge. Remember, we pay as soon as we successfully process your items, so don’t worry about waiting around for payment. If you’re looking for the best place to sell your PSP online, look no further than Zapper!

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