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Sick of dusty books taking up space in your bedroom? Come to the realisation you’re never going to actually read all the random books you’ve accumulated over the years? Or have you just bought an Amazon Kindle? Either way, if you’ve got a pile of books at home that you don’t know what to do with, you’ve come to the right place. 

Zapper is the ideal solution for selling second hand books. Let us tell you why… Unlike our competitors who reject items with no value, we will take everything off you. That’s right, everything! We’ll give you great prices on books with value, whilst the ones that don’t, we will take them off you for recycling. This means you can get rid of all your second hand books in one go, rather than being left with an unwanted pile of random books. To send us everything, whether it has value or not, just keep ‘recycling’ mode on and we’ll do the rest. Second hand books can be turned into new materials like cards and other useful stuff!

The Best Place to Sell Second Hand Books

Second hand books needn’t be discarded so wastefully, when you can send them to Zapper for some easy cash. Instead of chucking your old, unused books in the bin, you can recycle them with us and get cash for it. Keeping recycling turned on enables you to get rid of all your second hand books in one go, without the need to sort through which books have value and which don’t. 

Even the biggest bookworms and the most avid readers feel the need to clear out some of their beloved books. Likewise, academics and students alike often have piles of second hand textbooks collecting dust. Sometimes you can be at a loss when it comes to how to get rid of them. There’s a few options. You could bin them, and in doing so send them to landfill for no benefit to anyone. You could sell them on a marketplace, like Facebook or Amazon, however this becomes a hassle when you just want to clear out second hand books in bulk. With Zapper you can clear out your whole collection, do your bit for the environment and earn some quick cash in the process. Don’t hesitate, download the app today to get scanning and earning! Scan, Send, Spend!

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