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Throughout the past decade, tablets seem to have developed in the same way as smartphones. Year on year as technology improves, companies such as Apple and Microsoft bring their latest versions to the table, all sporting new advanced features exciting techies globally. However, the downside of this would mean the tablet you bought a few years prior is now completely out of date, forcing an upgrade. Tablets are expensive, and Zapper want to make that new iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab more affordable. That’s why we’ll buy your old tablet off you for a superb price! Selling tablets just got easier.

In 1972, The idea of the first tablet was conceived by Alan Kay of Xerox. He originally envisioned a personal computer aimed at children, which had similar functionality to a laptop but with an increased battery life. However, the first tablet to be widely sold was the Apple Newton, which was released in the early 90s and definitely not marketed to children. Yet, the Newton did not receive commercial success. It wasn’t until a number of technological advances were met until that the tablet took off. Better battery life, display resolution, handwriting software and wireless internet access all contributed to the growth of the tablet computer into the widely sold models we see today.

How much is a tablet worth

Its easy to sell tablets to Zapper and even easier to get a valuation. Firstly use our tablet search bar to navigate to which tablet you’re looking to sell, then hit GET VALUE. After that, use our valuation engine to get an instant valuation. If you like the price we offer chose from a range of payment methods to suit you, whether that be by bank transfer, PayPal or good old-fashioned cheque.

Got an old, broken, or unwanted tablet? Zapper has the solution! Not only do we give you an instant cash offer, you’ll also receive FREE postage! We offer great prices, easy postage and no hassle. It’s a quick and easy way to earn cash. So, what are you waiting for? Sell your tablet to Zapper today!

Devices we buy: Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

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