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Selling your mobile phone with Zapper

It’s strange to think about how we lived before the era of mobile phones. These days, phones are so essential to modern-day life that we find ourselves floundering if we’re without one for more than an hour. With technology progressing the way that it does, many phones have become obsolete. They end up being dumped into the ever-growing junk draw to gather dust, giving you quite the collection of old mobile phones.

With Zapper, you can trade your old mobile phones in for cash. The process is quick and easy, taking no longer than a few minutes. So, sell your phones to Zapper today and start raking in the cash, it’s as simple as that.

The evolution of mobile phones

Mobile phones as we know them today have come a long way since 1973 when Martin Cooper (a researcher and executive for Motorola) made the first mobile phone call. When they were first created, a mobile phone weighed around 1.1 kg, was 13 cm deep, 23 cm long, and 4.45 cm wide. Today’s impressive mobile devices are sleek, slim, and brimming with incredible technology. With everything from front-facing cameras, web browsing facilities, location trackers, and even graphics cards that let us play our favourite games, modern mobiles are more intuitive than ever. What’s more, new innovations are emerging every day, making old, bulky phones a thing of the past – thankfully!

What condition can I sell my mobile phone in?

Zapper is an eco-conscious trade-in site, which is why we accept mobile phones in a range of different conditions. So, even if your device has a few scuffs here and there, we are still happy to offer you a fair price. In order for us to provide you with an accurate quote, you will need to select from one of three options to grade the condition of your phone. We may also ask some more specific questions about your device to get a better understanding of the condition it is in. You can find more information on this on our terms and conditions page.

How much is my mobile phone worth?

To determine the worth of your mobile phone, simply use our handy valuation engine. Tell us which phone you want to sell, the condition it is in, memory size and whether or not it is locked to any network. With this information, we can generate an instant quote which is guaranteed for 14 days. The process is quick and easy and there are no hidden costs! So, sell your old mobile phone with Zapper today, it couldn’t be more straightforward.

How do I sell my mobile phone?

Selling phones to Zapper couldn’t be made simpler. If you are happy with our valuation and have completed the transaction stage, we’ll send a free posting label for you to use when sending your phone to us. We guarantee to pay as soon as we’ve successfully processed and screened your device, plus we’ll even pay how you want: cheque, PayPal or bank transfer. No catches, no hidden costs, just simple cash.

Devices we buy

Here at Zapper, we buy a number of different mobile phones, so you can trade yours in for some quick cash. Currently we accept the following devices: Apple iPhoneSamsung GalaxyBlackberryHTCNokiaSony

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