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While studying at school, university or professionally, you’re bound to have spent countless hours pouring meticulously over textbooks; or at least some of you may have. Regardless of your academic tendencies, throughout our lives we seem to end up accumulating loads of old textbooks that we no longer use; presumably we’ve downloaded the entirety of the books knowledge into our enormous brains.

Yet, when it comes to what do with the textbook when we’re done with them, we seem to act irrationally. Generally, one of a few possibilities will occur; they’re put in an attic, under the sofa or on a dusty shelf, never to be touched again by any mortal being. Alternatively, maybe they’ve caused you so much grief, that you burn them and dance around the flames. However, whilst these methods maybe ‘common’, are they rational? Zapper suggests you sell your textbooks to us, and make a handy bit of cash whilst doing so!

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Everything has a value, and at Zapper we want to help you realise that value. So instead of letting your textbooks become a dust magnet, why not send them to Zapper and get some cash! Selling old textbooks to Zapper doesn’t cost a penny, but it’s a quick way to gain more than a few. Simply round up your textbooks or any old unwanted books for that matter, scan the barcodes using our app and get an instant valuation. From here, all you have to do is choose your payment method and send us your old books with the freepost label we email to you. Selling textbooks online has never been easier. Don’t forget, shipping is also completely FREE!

If you choose to sell your textbooks to Zapper today, you could be making stacks of cash in no time! So, what are you waiting for? Dig out those old university textbooks and sell them to Zapper today. It’s a quick and easy way to line your pockets.

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