Samsung Galaxy Unpacked August 2021: The Complete Run Down

Samsung’s August Unpacked 2021 revealed the tech giants’ latest line of upcoming Galaxy gadgets. From a next generation smartwatch to two new foldables, the third Unpacked event of the year certainly didn’t disappoint. In case you missed it, we’ll be bringing you our take on all the new Samsung devices up for grabs, complete with release dates and prices.

Galaxy Z Fold3

“Unfold your world”

Top 3 Features

  • Under-display camera
  • Switch between 3 apps
  • S Pen support

The most notable announcement made at the latest Unpacked event was the next generation Z foldable – the Galaxy Z Fold3. Judging by new features and innovations, it’s clear that Samsung has answered some of the demands of their foldable consumers. Significantly, the Fold3 is compatible with S Pen support, enhancing the tablet-like experience for its users.

This new foldable features Samsung’s first under-display camera which essentially hides the selfie camera from view, promising immersive viewing on the brighter 7.6-inch screen. A 120Hz refresh rate boosts speed, so you can scroll through pages and load your favourite shows with ease. Speaking of functionality, the Fold3 is simple to navigate – you can now switch between 3 apps, rather than 2.

Durability wise, this new foldable is essentially waterproof and the design itself is much sturdier than its predecessors. The Fold3 is also slightly cheaper than previous generations – another bonus point for those keen to try out a foldable for the first time.

Release Date: 27th August 2021

Price: £1,599 / Vodafone upfront cost £49 + £62 monthly contract

Galaxy Z Flip3

“A good thing just got better”

Top 3 Features

  • Dolby ATMOS stereo speakers
  • IPX8 water resistance rating
  • Durable design

The Z Flip3 is the third instalment in the Z Flip series, following the Z Flip (February 2020) and the Z Flip 5G (August 2020). Cheaper than the previous models, the Z Flip3 has undergone a £145.50 price drop – a plus point for both new and existing customers looking to upgrade.

The exterior screen is significantly larger than previous versions, sporting an impressive 1.9-inch display. This innovation makes the Flip3 feel more like a smartphone, allowing you to see notifications without having to open the flippable. Similar to the Fold3, this version also offers an increased 120Hz refresh rate in the inner screen, for smoother and speedier scrolling.

This version of the Galaxy Flip is more durable than ever, boasting an impressive IPX8. Not only is it essentially waterproof, but this model is built with a sturdy ‘Glasstic’ back – a welcome departure from the all-glass design of previous foldables.

Release Date: 27th August 2021

Price: £949 / Vodafone upfront cost £29 + £44 monthly contract

Galaxy Buds2

“More voice, less noise”

Top 3 Features

  • Active noise cancellation
  • Built-in touch control
  • Comfortable fit

The Unpacked presentation also saw the launch of Buds2, the second generation of smart ears buds from Samsung. This time round, you can choose between four different colours (olive, lavender, black and white) and a case to match, which not only looks good but also offers twenty hours of charge time.

The real head-turning feature of Buds2 is the addition of active noise cancellation – a significant upgrade from the Buds and Buds Plus Model. Cutting up to 98% external background noise places Samsung next to the titans; Air Pods and Sony’s exceptional noise cancelling buds.

Buds2 also offers intuitive touch control that allows you to pause and skip music by tapping the buds. You still have the option, however, of using your android smartphone for adjustment – in fact, functions like Ambient Mode and an equalizer are exclusive to apps on your phone. Even so, touch mode is a step in the right direction for Samsung, particularly if they’re wanting to compete with the main players.

For “all-day comfort”, Buds2 are much smaller and more lightweight than their predecessors and promise to fit a range of ear shapes. The introduction of the “Earbud fit test” tells you whether the buds are a ‘poor or ‘good’ fit so you can adjust them accordingly to optimise sound and call quality.

Release Date: 27th August 2021

Price: £139

Galaxy Watch4

“A better you, everyday”

  • Slimmer, durable design
  • Body composition measurement
  • New ‘Wear OS 3’ operating system

With a holistic focus, the Galaxy Watch4 is marketed as a self-improvement aid. Body composition measurement is the standout feature from this device, combining a heart rate monitor (PPG), electrocardiogram reader (ECG) and bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA)to deliver minute-by-minute analysis. Through this function, you can monitor key health stats, from your BMI to your muscle mass. You can even measure your blood oxygen levels overnight and, when sleeping next to your smartphone, can oversee how much you snore.

A new operating system is also in place for the Watch4 following a merge with Google’s Wear OS and Samsung’s Tizen platform. This will, however, only benefit those who have a Samsung phone as most of the compatible apps, like the Samsung Health Monitor app, are only available via the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Other than sophisticated health features, the Watch 4 sports a slimline design and is available in two sizes of either 40mm or 44mm. There are also forty new watch faces to choose from and a versatile range of different coloured straps, so you can pick a version that best suits your aesthetic.

Release Date: August 26th 2021

Price: £249 (40mm Bluetooth) / £289 (40mm LTE) / £269 (44mm Bluetooth) / £309 (44mm 4G)

Other Notable Mentions

Other than product announcements, the Unpacked event revealed that Samsung’s Android user interface has been improved to one UI 3, making data transfer between different devices straightforward. For example, you can now move all your WhatsApp information from your smartphone to your Flip3. Samsung also mentioned their cooperation with Microsoft and Google to ensure better privacy and protection for users.

How to watch Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021

Watch the full video presentation on the official Samsung website or Youtube channel.

Pre-order new Samsung devices

All devices are now available for pre-order on the official Samsung website or other via third-party retailers, like The Carphone Warehouse or Vodafone.

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