Samsung vs Apple: The Smartphone War

It is just over 10 years since the late Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone. A smartphone revolution followed and since then there has been an intense battle between Apple and Samsung to be the market-leader in smartphones.

Whether you are an Apple fan or a Samsung fan, join us in recalling the ongoing battle between two 21st century technology giants. From sales figures, to market share, and even to fierce lawsuits, the smartphone war is relentless.


How Did the War Start?

In January 2007, Steve Jobs the late Apple CEO, unveiled the all-new iPhone. Jobs rightly claimed that the phone was ‘revolutionary’ and that is was ‘literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone’. For three years Apple enjoyed unchallenged success as the Android platform struggled to find a competitor to the iPhone. In 2010, the infamous smartphone battle began with Samsung releasing the Galaxy S to compete with the iPhone 4.

Did Samsung copy Apple?

Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone had dangerous similarities with its Apple competitor. Visually, the phones were almost identical, with a large screen and the home button placed on a strip on the bottom of the device. Samsung decided to use their expertise in screen technology to equip the Galaxy with a larger 4-inch screen compared to the iPhone 4’s 3.5 inch screen. In terms of usability the Samsung phone seemed to have been heavily inspired by the iPhone. The similarity of the two phones caused uproar amongst the Apple party. They felt all their innovation had been compromised by Samsung’s imitations. Steve Jobs and co were not about to let it slide.

A Decade of Lawsuits

In August 2010, Apple gave Samsung an amicable warning as they believed Samsung’s phones and tablets infringed on Apple patents. Samsung were a major Apple supplier and a trusted partner so Apple did not intend to cause bad blood. Later that year in October, Apple called in Samsung to propose a licensing deal where Samsung pay Apple money for each unit they sell. Samsung instantly declined the deal. In turn, Apple filed a lawsuit against the South Korean giant for copying product designs. Several years later where do we stand? Well, Samsung managed to shrink their $1 billion fine to $400 million and earn themselves a retrial. According to CNET, May 14th 2018 is when the retrial is scheduled, and many hope this will be the last of an energy-sapping legal battle. Judge Lucy Koh, humorously stated “I would prefer to not keep doing this until I retire”.

Who Has Come Out On Top?

The interesting thing about the Apple vs. Samsung debate is the way it is so divisive. It is firmly accepted that for most people, when they choose a side they tend to stick with it. It seems almost like a betrayal to ‘switch sides’, but with the two companies spending so much on advertising they certainly try their best. Apple is estimated to spend over $1 billion on advertising their iPhones and trying to steal market share back from Samsung. So, who sells the most phones? Well according to Statista, Samsung’s mobile business is half the size of Apple’s. Despite them selling more smartphone units, Apple’s iPhone revenue beats Samsung’s by more than 70%. This demonstrates the sheer profitability of the genius business model Apple have in place.

Are You an Apple or Samsung Fan?

What is your take on the famous smartphone war? Did Samsung blatantly copy Apple? Which phone do you prefer? If you have any unwanted phones, Zapper will buy them. We don’t pick sides – sell your Apple iPhone and your Samsung Galaxy to Zapper.

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