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As well as the performance upgrades, Apple introduced a number of components that were exclusive to the 3GS. One of these, was Voice Control. Voice Control, seen as the precursor to Apples beloved Siri, could control music, memos as well as phone calls. Voice Over was also introduced to the 3GS, which dictated music detail, a system menu or text to the user. As well as adding voice options, Apple made several subtle upgrades to enhance usability. One of which, was the oleophobic screen coating, which reduced oily fingerprints on the touchscreen display. They also introduced text zoom and colour inversion which reverted the colour scheme from black to white to white to black.

Apple started to notice that many people used their smartphones in replacement of a digital camera. To capitalise on this trend of an increasingly multimedia driven world, Apple made some needed upgrades to the iPhone’s camera. Apple upgraded it’s 3 mega pixel camera and added features such as auto-exposure, auto-white balance, auto-focus, and macro. They also added video meaning, for the first time in iPhone history, the iPhone could record. The new processor enabled the 3GS to record to at a speedy 30 frames per second.

As well as these upgrades, Apple released the 3GS in conjunction with the OS 3.0 update, which optimised the systems hardware making it run up to 4 times faster at launch. With the App and mobile gaming industry continuing to grow exponentially, Apple added certain features to improve the gaming experience. In terms of performance, the iPhone 3GS added support for OpenGL ES 2.0 giving smoother, less lag prone, performance. The 3GS also included a digital compass. This meant rotational data could be analysed in games, thus creating entirely new tools for developers to explore with. This, coupled with the accelerometer, made for a very innovative gaming experience.

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