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Apple iPhone 3G
Apple iPhone 3G
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Apple iPhone 3GS
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Sell iPhone 3G

Selling your iPhone 3G with Zapper

Having a clear out can be a daunting task. At Zapper, we want to make this process easier. Selling your unwanted gadgets is made simple using our website. After logging on, you’ll be able to sell all your unwanted stuff, as well as sell iPhone 3G devices, regardless of their condition. We specialise in offering you excellent deals and outstanding service. If our deals weren’t enough to switch you to the Zapper camp, we also offer FREE shipping on every trade – not bad if you ask me!

Fun fact about the iPhone 3G: Despite its name, it’s actually the second-generation of iPhone from Apple. The iPhone 3G got its namesake from the introduction of the cellular data network it supported: 3G. This in itself was the key selling point of the 3G. The smartphone fully supported streaming of music and video. This allowed the iPhone 3G to be used as intended, where the original phone would struggle to download anything; even basic web pages were a struggle. Not only did it support 3G, it lead the market in its advancement; Steve Jobs claimed that the 3G capability was 36% faster than other competitors.

How much is an iPhone 3G worth

If you think getting a quote from Zapper would be a long and arduous process involving back and forth emails discussing the condition of your old smartphone, you’d be very wrong. Instead we offer instantaneous quotes. Simply fill out our valuation questionnaire and get a price in seconds.

Ifyou like the offer Zapper brings to the table, the next step is sending your unwanted iPhone 3G to us. When you’ve completed the sale on our website, we’ll send you our sales pack. Once this arrives at your front door, package up your unwanted tech, and send it our way via Royal Mail. When your items arrive with us, we’ll process your items, and once that’s successfully done we’ll pay you immediately.

Devices we buy: iPhone 3G 16GB, iPhone 3G 8GB

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