Top Paying Side Hustles 2024 (UK)

Everyone’s talking about side hustles these days. Whether you have one, what yours could be and how much money you could actually make on top of your day-to-day salary. In this blog, we highlight the top paying side hustles for 2024 in the UK. So whether you are looking to pay off some debt, save for a big purchase or just want a little extra cash in your wallet, keep reading. 

What is a Side Hustle? 

Let’s start with the basics, ‘What is a side hustle?’ A side hustle is another form of employment (for yourself or someone else) in addition to your full-time job. It is usually a flexible or part-time gig that can be pursued in one’s spare time.

Side hustles can consist of anything that results in you making money on the side of your full-time job and can range from selling your creative services, tutoring, babysitting or selling your old books. Many people have side hustles in areas they are skilled in or are passionate about, enabling them to explore alternative career paths and improve their financial stability without committing to a full-time job. 

Why Start a Side Hustle in 2024? 

There are many reasons to start a side hustle. In 2024, side hustles are a popular way to diversify income streams and help meet a financial goal, as well as pursue a passion project outside of the 9 to 5. 

They’re proving popular too, with almost one third of Brits claiming to have a side hustle selling goods online that makes around £200 a month. 

Top Paying Side Hustle Ideas 

Here are our top paying side hustle ideas for 2024. 


Tutoring is a great side hustle idea that can be quite lucrative. Whether you’re skilled in academics, music, or languages, there’s a market for online tutors. From people wanting to support their studies with extra online tutoring or those wishing to learn English, you can easily become a tutor using an online platform like Tutorful and MyTutor.

Sell Your Old Books 

Do you have books you’ve already read or old textbooks lying around your home? If they’re sat gathering dust, why not sell them for some easy cash? Use an online trading platform like Zapper to easily sell your old books. Simply scan the book’s barcode for a quick evaluation, package them up and get paid! Zapper will recycle your book for you, and pay you for it – there is no easier side hustle!

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking 

Love pets? Turn your passion into a side hustle by offering pet sitting and dog walking services in your local area. Pretty flexible, you can work this side hustle within your 9 to 5 schedule, especially if you work from home. 

Sell Artisan Products

If you love to get creative why not think about selling your pieces online? Platforms such as Etsy are a great way of easily selling your artisan products from the comfort of your home. From paintings, prints, and jewellery to ceramics, there is someone out there who will love to buy your pieces. 


Perhaps you could use your skills out of the 9 to 5 to carry out some freelance work. Whether it’s providing virtual assistant work to support businesses with their admin, or offering digital marketing services for a small business, many companies are looking for freelancers to support their ventures without having to hire a full-time employee. Take on as much or as little as you like alongside your regular job to make some additional income each month. 

Sell Your Old Tech 

Tech is constantly updating, so it’s likely you’ve got a few old tablets, cameras, iPods and MP3 players hanging around. Instead of them cluttering your home, create a little side hustle of selling your electronics for cash. Zapper makes the process easy and you may be surprised with how much you could be paid. 

Stock Photography 

If you have a passion for photography, why not create a side hustle out of your hobby? Share your pictures with the whole and get paid for it by uploading them onto stock photography sites like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. Stock photography as a side hustle can be top paying and once uploaded, a passive stream of income. 

Trade in Your Old Phones

Many of us have multiple old phones lying around our homes and in the back of drawers. Have a declutter session whilst making money by trading in your old phones for cash. Again, Zapper is a great way to sell mobile phones, whether they’re old iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, Nokias or Blackberrys. The newer the model and the better the condition, the more you’ll make, but you can still get some cash from older models. 

Sell Old CDs, DVDs & Games

Many people don’t use CDs and DVDs anymore, but still have them cluttering up their homes! Make some extra money in 2024 by selling your old CDs, DVDs, Playstation and Xbox games, whilst clearing your home from unwanted clutter. Platforms like Zapper will pay you for your old things and responsibly recycle them on your behalf – it’s a win-win. 

Delivery Service 

Providing a delivery service is another great side hustle that you can take up to earn some extra money. If you have a car, bike or motorcycle you’ll be able to sign up to delivery services such as Amazon, Uber or Deliveroo to become a delivery driver, with the plus of choosing your own hours. 

Sell Old Lego

Kids grown up and moved out? Clear out that old Lego and create a fun side hustle selling it for some additional cash in your wallet. Use an online trading platform like Zapper which will buy your Lego in bulk. They give you a price based on weight and take it all off your hands. With fast transfers, it’s one of the easiest and top paying side hustles

Earn Quick Cash Selling Your Stuff with Zapper

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