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Apple iPhone 5 32GB
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Sell iPhone 5 32GB

Selling your iPhone 5 32GB with Zapper

Out with the old and in with the new; the battle cry of the die-hard Apple enthusiast, hell bent on acquiring the latest iPhone to analyze each feature in unscrupulous detail. Whilst we see no issue with this at Zapper, as 90% of us are Apple boffins ourselves, we would like to draw attention to your old smartphone. Whilst it might not be in pristine condition or have the exciting features of the newer models, it does still have value; especially to Zapper! Interested in selling your iPhone 5 32GB? Find how much it could be worth with Zapper right away!

The iPhone 5 released in conjunction with the highly anticipated iOS 6. This introduced several new innovative and useful features. These included the cameras panorama feature, giving the user 240 degrees of uninterrupted scenery, making it perfect for wide-angled landscapes. iOS 6 also introduced the first version of the, ‘Wallet’ feature or ‘Passbook’ as it was known at this time. Taking advantage of QR codes, iOS 6 users could view and store plane tickets, train tickets or even vouchers all from their iPhone.

How much is your iPhone 5 32GB worth

At Zapper, we pride ourselves on having a clear and easy trading process. What we offer depends on the condition of your device. In order to establish the value of your device, we ask that you indicate the condition in our valuation engine. After doing this, you will receive and instant valuation. Once you’ve received a valuation, choose how you want to paid. This can be via PayPal, Bank transfer or mailed cheque. Selling iPhone 5 32GB models has never been more straightforward.

As well as being an easy to use service, trading with Zapper is also completely FREE. Sending your items to us won’t cost you a penny, thanks to the Royal Mail free post label that we provide in your sales pack and that will be sent to you via email. Remember to attach the free post label to your package before you send it our way. Upon receipt, your device will be screened by our quality control experts to ensure the condition you declared matches the condition of your device. Once this is complete, we will process your transaction.

Devices we buy: iPhone 5 16GB, iPhone 5 64GB.

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