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Apple iPhone 5 64GB
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Sell iPhone 5 64GB

Selling your iPhone 5 64GB with Zapper

Whilst having an old iPhone as a backup to your current iPhone may be slightly useful in the event it gets broken beyond repair, you have to weigh up the opportunity cost. You could either, leave an unwanted iPhone in the draw as a backup on the off chance you actually need it, or you could trade it in for stacks of cash. Remember, there’s a high chance you’ll never use that old iPhone anyway, so why not sell it? Interested in selling iPhone 5 64GB devices? Choose Zapper for the best deals on your old tech, electronics and house clutter!

The iPhone 5 was the first iPhone to implement 4G LTE support. In simple terms, 4G is an upgraded version of 3G; it allows wireless internet access at a much higher speed than 3G can provide. The chipsets in the iPhone 5 allowed the device to achieve a theoretical internet speed of 100mpbs. The 5 could therefore harness its full potential and stream videos and music without needing Wi-Fi connectivity. The 5 is also the first iteration of iPhone with a nanoSIM, which was used to save internal space.

How much is an iPhone 5 64GB worth

If you’re thinking of selling your iPhone 5 64GB and want to get a speedy valuation, Zapper’s the place for you. To get a quote, all you have to do is indicate the condition of your device to our valuation engine. This will generate a personal quote in seconds. If you’re happy with our valuation, go ahead and select how you want to be paid. Choose from PayPal, bank transfer, or mailed cheque. The money you get from the transaction will be in your account as soon as we process your items.

Zapper wants to give you the best deal for your unwanted smartphone. That’s why, as well as offering excellent deals, we also offer FREE shipping with no hidden costs. At Zapper we pay exactly what we quote, providing the condition of the device is as you declare. Want to sell your iPhone 5 64GB? Get a quote from Zapper today!

Devices we buy: iPhone 5 16GB, iPhone 5 32GB.

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