12 Ways to Make Money Quickly in 2024

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Let’s face it, we all want to make money quickly if we can. As we navigate through 2024, new opportunities and innovative methods to boost earnings are emerging. This article explores 12 practical and accessible ways to make money quickly, catering to a variety of skills and interests. From using technology to tapping into creative ventures and side hustles, these strategies are designed to help you enhance your financial situation fast.

1. Sell Your Old Sat Nav

In the age of smartphones, many of us have transitioned to using our phones for navigation, making dedicated satellite navigation devices, or sat navs, almost obsolete. However, there remains a significant demand for these original devices. Sat navs often offer features that can be superior to those of smartphone apps, such as more accurate GPS tracking, greater reliability in areas with poor cell reception and a more user-friendly interface specifically designed for driving. Additionally, they usually come with larger screens that are easier to read at a glance, which can enhance driving safety. By tapping into the second hand market, you can give your old sat nav a second life while padding out your wallet. 

2. Turning Your Used Phones into Quick Cash

One of the easiest ways to earn a bit of spare cash is to sell your old phones. With technology advancing rapidly, many of us have a collection of outdated smartphones gathering dust in our drawers, from iPhones, Blackberrys, Samsung Galaxys, Sonys and Nokias! Instead of letting these devices take up space, you can turn them into quick cash. The process has never been simpler, thanks to numerous online platforms that streamline the selling process.

Websites such as Zapper have made it incredibly easy to sell your used phones. These platforms provide an instant evaluation of your device based on its make, model and condition. Once you receive an offer, the next steps are straightforward: send your phone to the company, and upon verification of its condition, receive your payment. This hassle-free process means you can declutter your home and boost your bank balance with minimal effort.

3. Make Money from Unwanted DVDs, CDs & Games

Physical DVDs, CDs and games can be quite expensive when purchased new, often costing a significant amount for collectors and casual users alike. By selling your unwanted media online, you can not only make some quick cash but also extend the life of these items and provide a more affordable option for others. Online platforms attract buyers looking for a bargain, and your pre-loved items can find a new home, reduce waste and promote sustainability. This approach benefits both sellers, who earn money from items they no longer need, and buyers, who gain access to entertainment at a fraction of the original cost.

4. Selling Old Books Online

Selling old books online is an excellent way to declutter your space and earn extra cash. It is so simple to list your books online and reach a wide audience of potential buyers. Whether you have textbooks, novels or rare editions, there’s likely someone looking for exactly what you have. By accurately describing the condition and providing clear photos, you can attract more buyers.

5. Performing Odd Jobs Locally

Or perhaps you could use those tools and offer an ‘Odd Job’ service around your local area. In our fast-paced society, things that people want to do but don’t have the time or resources to do often get pushed back and delayed. Offering services on websites like TaskRabbit to help with these overlooked jobs can relieve their stress, fill your wallet and contribute to a happier community.

6. Sell Lego & Old Toy Action Figures

Another fantastic way to earn some extra money is to sell old Lego and toys that are no longer used. Many collectors may be interested in old action figures especially if they are from a beloved franchise. Some collectors will pay hundreds of pounds for the piece they are missing, given it is in good condition and has been well looked after.

7. Maximising Value from Your Old Tech

Similarly to phones, selling your pre-owned laptop, tablet or iPod is a smart way to generate extra income while ensuring these devices continue to be useful. Before selling, take time to clean your device thoroughly, both physically and by deleting personal data and restoring factory settings. 

Websites like Zapper and eBay provide platforms where you can get competitive prices for your old tech. Highlighting any upgrades or additional accessories, such as a laptop bag or external mouse, can further increase its value. By selling your pre-owned tech, you not only make money but also contribute to reducing electronic waste, giving your device a second life with a new owner.

8. Offering Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Other ways to earn money that doesn’t include selling anything include looking after other people’s pets. Many people who work either part or full time own animals and require someone to take them out or look after them during the hours they are away. Sometimes it may only be checking in on them, making sure they’ve got food and water and other times you may need to stay for the day. Dog walking is also a great way to get those steps in while working! 

9. Renting Out Equipment & Tools

Do you have any tools lying around from that DIY job you did? Renting out equipment and tools is a practical way to earn extra money from items you already own but use infrequently. Many people are willing to pay to borrow instead of buying outright and websites like Fat Llama and Loanables make it easy to list your items and connect with local renters. By renting out your equipment, you not only generate additional income but also help others access the tools they need at a lower cost, encouraging a more resource-efficient community.

10. Selling Handmade Crafts & Goods

If you enjoy being creative and crafty, selling your handmade crafts and goods can be a fulfilling way to earn extra money. Setting up a stall at local markets or opening an online shop on platforms like Etsy or Shopify allows you to reach a broad audience. Many people seek unique, personalised items to add a special touch to their homes or to give as thoughtful gifts. By turning your hobby into a business, you not only make money but also share your creativity with others who appreciate the individuality and craftsmanship of handmade products.

11. Renting Out Spare Space: Airbnb and More

If you have a spare room, outbuilding or even another property, renting it out is a brilliant way to earn passive income. With UK weekends away becoming much more popular since Covid, there is always someone looking to escape for a few days and yours could be just the space they are looking for. Using sites like Airbnb, Vrbo and booking.com, you can easily list your space! 

12. Monetising Your Hobbies: Photography, Art, Music

Monetising your hobbies such as photography, art or music is a rewarding way to turn your passion into profit. Whether you sell your photos online, create custom artwork or offer music lessons, there’s a market for your talents. By sharing your creative skills, you not only generate extra income but also gain recognition and appreciation for your work, turning what you love into a sustainable side hustle or even a full-time career.

Make Money Quickly with Zapper

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