How to Make a Profit from Your Old School Textbooks

Each one of us spends years in school trying to gain as much knowledge as we can, and with this, we acquire a whole load of textbooks! Unfortunately, whilst they’re useful for last-minute revision and securing the best grade, as soon as exams finish, they are never to be touched again. Whether they end up collecting dust in your loft, are burnt to pieces out of joy at never having to return to school or maybe have been turned into the newest pile in the corner of your room, old school textbooks seem to be a bit of a waste of space. In the blog post, we will explain how you can change this. Not only will your old textbooks be going to a better home but you can even make a profit from them. 

Can You Profit From Old School Textbooks? 

Although these old school textbooks may seem redundant to you, they still have life in them. Those old psychology textbooks sitting in the corner of your room collecting dust, that you haven’t looked at in years can actually make you profit! Textbooks retain significant value, especially when content remains relevant to current courses. Those students looking for an affordable alternative to brand new textbooks may be after yours, putting some extra cash into your pocket whilst doing so.  

Where to Sell Old School Textbooks 

There are a few options for selling old school books, many of these seeming like a hassle, meaning it is put off time and time again. Using a secondhand selling platform like eBay means photographing and uploading each of the textbooks individually, messaging individual sellers, only for them to drop out and flake at the last moment. You could take them to a charity shop or throw them away but neither of these options benefits you or the environment. Instead, you can send them all to Zapper. That means, no upload hassle, no flakey buyers and a decluttered space, free of all of your unused old school textbooks. Oh, and you earn money from it!

How to Prepare Old School Textbooks for Sale? 

When you’re ready to sell your old textbooks there are a few things you need to ensure before the sale. All textbooks should be in as good condition as possible, this means you need to check for a few things, some of which include no tears, water damage, or missing pages. Most of these books are about to be given a second life so it’s important to make sure they are looking as good as possible for the next owner.

A few of our top tips for selling old textbooks would be: 

  • Closely follow packing guidelines: The last thing you want is your books to arrive in a bad condition, which could risk losing out on any profit. Make sure to follow our guidelines on wrapping, packaging and postage.
  • Be clear about the condition of your old textbooks: The condition your books are in will affect how much money you could earn from the sale of them. Whilst we will check on arrival, it is best to give the most accurate description so we can give you the best valuation.

How Much Profit Can You Make From Old School Textbooks? 

We take all sorts of books here at Zapper and this means all sorts of profit. The amount that you can make from selling your old school textbooks is dependent on a few different factors, these include the demand for your old textbook, its current condition, which edition your textbook is and what subject matter the textbook is on. Although you won’t be earning back the full price you paid, you can still earn a significant profit, especially when selling multiple at once. In any case, earning a little from selling old textbooks is better than nothing (which is what you would get if left piling up in the attic!)

What To Do With Books That Can’t Be Sold? 

Although we do accept a huge range of books, sometimes they can’t be sold. If this is the case and they aren’t in great condition it doesn’t mean they have to stay sitting around. Here are our top recommendations for what to do with these books that can’t be sold: 

1. Donate 

Whilst selling your old textbook might not be working, donating to friends, family or a charity is still a great choice. This means your books still get a second life just without having to be in pristine condition. 

2. Give them to a Programme 

There are a huge number of programmes that would love to be the new home to your old school textbooks. Whether it be schools, literacy programmes, or even prisons, if you look out for them there will be organisations local to you looking for your old school textbooks.

3. Send them to us

For those books that can’t be sold, we make sure to still do what we can to positively impact our environment and contribute to a circular economy. When the books that aren’t suitable for selling arrive to us we make sure to recycle and dispose of them in a responsible manner. We are committed to making our world a better place. 

The Benefits of Selling Your Old School Textbooks 

On the face of it, selling your old textbooks might seem like just a way to earn some extra money. Whilst this is a clear benefit, there are a number of other benefits that you can gain from selling old textbooks. 

Environmental Sustainability 

By rehoming your old textbooks, you are embracing environmental sustainability through reuse and recycling. Giving books a second life reduces the demand for new resources and minimises waste. 


Removing unwanted books from your bedroom and personal space leaves you with a clearer area. The benefits of decluttering are endless and the results are even better!

Supporting Fellow Students 

Having been a student yourself, selling old textbooks allows you to help out those in need. Selling textbooks at discounted prices means you are contributing towards education being accessible to all. 

Selling Old Textbooks for Profit with Zapper

Selling your old textbooks for profit has never been easier with Zapper. Simply download our app, scan the barcode of the books you are hoping to sell, and we will give you an instant cash valuation. After this, all we ask is that you follow our packing guidelines and wait for us to come and collect them. The final step of earning profit from selling your old textbooks is choosing how to receive your cash – whether it be bank transfer or PayPal, you will have your money in no time. 

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