Selling Your Old iPhone – A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to make some extra cash this year? Maybe you want to clear out the stuff that’s been cluttering your drawers. Whatever it is, selling your old iPhone is a great way to make some extra space and money without leaving your home. But how easy is it to sell an old iPhone? The answer is much easier than you may think! In this article, we’ll take you through a step-by-step guide to selling your old iPhone.

Why Sell Your Old iPhone? 

There are so many reasons to sell your old iPhone. With Apple regularly bringing our new models (at least one every year) you likely have at least one old iPhone sitting around at home, especially if you like to keep up with the latest model. Selling an old iPhone can help you make some easy cash that you can put towards the latest model or something else entirely. Another reason to sell your old iPhone is to free up space in your home. Decluttering and making your home more minimal can have great benefits on your overall wellbeing as well as helping your space feel organised.

What Happens When I Sell My Old iPhone?

What happens to your old iPhone will depend on where or who you sell it to. Selling your old iPhone with a trusted platform (like Zapper) is a great and sustainable way to make some extra money whilst disposing of your old device responsibly. At Zapper, there are multiple journeys your old iPhone could make depending on the model and its condition. 


One route is that it is refurbished and resold to a new owner. Likewise, we may use some parts of your old iPhone to refurbish another. 


If your old device is unable to be refurbished, then it will be responsibly recycled and its parts will be melted down and transformed into something new, whether that be a new phone, jewellery or something else entirely. Either way, using Zapper stops your old iPhone from ending up in landfill and contributing to the global issue of mass electronic waste. It is estimated that 53.6 million tonnes of electronic waste is produced annually, but only about 17% is documented as being recycled

The Benefits of Selling Your Old iPhone

There are multiple benefits to selling your old iPhone.

  • Offset the cost of upgrading to a new model
  • Declutter your home
  • Reduce electronic waste
  • Earn some extra cash (iPhones have good value retention)
  • Help others access more affordable technology

A Step-by-Step Guide for Selling Your Old iPhone

If you’re thinking of going ahead with selling your old iPhone, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to do it. 

1. Choose a Reputable Trading Platform

First of all, you will want to find a reputable trading platform you can use to sell your old iPhone. At Zapper, we make it easy to sell your old devices from the comfort of your home. A leading UK trade-in platform, we make it easy for people to cash in whilst doing their bit for the environment. 

2. Get an Instant Valuation

Once you’ve chosen your trade-in platform, get an instant valuation for your device. At Zapper we have a handy valuation tool that will give you a valuation in seconds that’s locked in for 14 days so that you can take your time deciding if you want to sell or not. To make the valuation, you’ll be asked a few questions about your device such as its model, storage capacity, condition and whether it is locked to a network

3. Choose a Payment Option

If you’re happy with your valuation you can proceed with the trade-in. The next step will be to choose how you want to be paid, whether that be by bank transfer or PayPal. 

4. Receive Your Trade-In Pack

At Zapper we’ll send you a trade-in pack, free of charge, once the trade-in is confirmed. It should be dispatched to you within 24 hours and will include secure packaging for your old mobile phone as well as a free returns label. 

5. Send Your Items via Home Collection

At Zapper, we arrange for a free home collection with Evri to pick up your old iPhone. On the day your trade-in pack is delivered, your Evri driver will package your phone up in front of you and provide you with a return tracking number. The driver will then take your old iPhone with them and deliver it back to us. 

6. Get Your Payment

The last step to selling your old iPhone is to receive your cash! Once Zapper has received your device we’ll send you your money with our fast payment process via your chosen payment method. You can therefore be rest assured that selling your old iPhone can result in quick cash without any hassle. 

What Models of Old iPhone Can I Sell?

You can sell all types of old iPhone models, with newer models being worth more. At Zapper you can sell your old:

How Much Will My Old iPhone Be Worth?

How much your old iPhone device is worth depends on a few factors such as the model and storage capacity, its condition and whether it is locked to a network or not. For example, an old iPhone 12 in good condition will be worth more than one that is faulty and badly damaged. However, both will be able to be traded in with Zapper either to be resold, refurbished or recycled. 

Currently, we approximately offer up to £460 for an iPhone 12 and up to £21 for an iPhone 6. We recommend using our instant valuation tool for an up-to-date price for your old iPhone. 

Selling Your Old iPhone with Zapper

Selling your old iPhone with Zapper is easy, especially with our free home collection service. We offer competitive trade-in prices for your old iPhone devices and provide the easiest way for you to make money from responsibly recycling your stuff for cash.

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