Ensuring Data Security When Selling Your iPhone

Selling your old phone is a fantastic way to earn some extra cash and be a friend to the environment. But have you thought about the security of your personal data when doing so? With so much of our personal information being carried around on our devices, it’s important to prioritise data security in the process of selling your iPhone to prevent potential risks and protect your privacy in an era where digital information is increasingly valuable and vulnerable. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about ensuring data security when selling your iPhone.

The Importance of Data Security

Data security ensures the protection of your digital information which is crucial in today’s digital age due to our extensive use and reliance on technology. We all store a vast amount of sensitive information, such as our personal details and financial transactions, on our phones and unauthorised access or theft of this data can lead to severe consequences. Examples include financial loss, identity theft, and damage to reputation. Cyber attacks were rated 5th in the top risks of 2020 and in just within the last year, 493.33 million ransomware attacks were detected by organisations worldwide. So keeping that metaphorical lock and key close to your chest when selling your iPhone is essential.

Data Security Risks When Selling Your iPhone

It is always worth being in the know about the risks of selling your iPhone. So to give you the best chance of selling it safely and ensuring the security of your data, we have listed a few of them below.

Unauthorised Access

If you don’t thoroughly erase your iPhone’s data, the new owner may be able to access your personal information, including photos, messages, contacts, and app data. Failing to sign out of iCloud or disassociate your iPhone from your Apple ID may allow the new owner to access your iCloud data, track your device, or make unauthorised purchases using your Apple ID.

Identity Theft

Sensitive information such as your name, address, login details and financial information that is stored on your iPhone, can be used if it is not properly wiped. With this information, it is possible to impersonate you, open fraudulent accounts and make unauthorised purchases.

Incomplete Data Removal

A simple factory reset might not permanently delete all data, leaving fragments behind. Specialised recovery tools can potentially retrieve deleted information so it is essential to make sure all data is deleted properly.

Saved Passwords & Authentication Tokens

If you have any saved passwords or authentication tokens for apps and services they may be accessible if not properly wiped, compromising your accounts.

How to Ensure Data Security When Selling Your iPhone

When selling your iPhone there are a few things to look out for so you don’t accidentally leak your personal data. We have compiled a few of them here so you can safeguard your personal information, minimise the risk of data breaches and sell your iPhone safely.

Manually Remove Personal Information

Delete any sensitive or personal information that might be stored in apps, such as messages, photos, and notes.

Erase All Content & Settings

Firstly, back up your phone to a secure device to ensure you have a copy of your information. Then use the “Erase All Content and Settings” option to delete all content and ensure no one can access your personal information. Failing to adequately wipe your device can expose sensitive personal information, including contacts, messages, and app data.

Sign Out

Disassociate your iCloud account, sign out of Apple and any other app with your personal data and remember to disable Activation Lock and Find My iPhone. It is also important to delete any saved passwords but make sure you have a note of them somewhere so you can sign back in on your new device!

Factory Reset

After performing the above steps, initiate a factory reset to ensure the complete removal of personal data and a clean slate for the device. This process essentially restores the phone to its original factory settings, erasing all user-installed apps, settings, and data. A factory reset not only wipes the visible data but also removes residual files and configurations, providing a more comprehensive level of privacy and security.

Internal Storage

Lastly, do a final check of all internal storage to make sure the phone is completely wiped.

Why Sell Your Old iPhone?

Selling your old iPhone can offer several benefits. You can find a few of them listed below.

Earn Some Extra Cash

One of the most obvious reasons to sell your old phone is that it can provide you with a little (or a lot) of extra cash. With sellers like Zapper, you could be given up to £592 depending on the model and condition of the phone. It is then your choice whether you put that towards a newer model or you could use it for something completely different like a weekend away!

Help the Environment

Recycling your phone makes a big impact on the environment. Over 150 million smartphones reach landfills every year, but you can help stop that by selling on your old iPhone. If it can’t be re-sold as a phone, it can be recycled and the materials used for something else.

Help Others Afford a Device

Not everyone can afford an iPhone, especially with the sky-high prices of new phones. By safely selling yours, you can help out someone who may not have been able to afford one otherwise.


Getting rid of old devices helps declutter your living space and simplifies your electronic belongings. It can contribute to a more organised and minimalist lifestyle!

Sell Your iPhone Safely

Arguably, the most important thing when selling your phone is to do it through a trustworthy, reputable and secure platform such as Zapper. Not only do we take care of collection and postage, but we also use data erasure technology to ensure any remaining personal data you may have missed is destroyed beyond recovery. Get started today with our free valuation tool and you can be sure of a safe and reliable trade-in process for cash!

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