How Much Is My Old Samsung Galaxy Worth?

samsung phone

With smartphones ever-evolving, your once beloved Samsung Galaxy may find itself overshadowed by newer models. But before relegating it to the drawer of forgotten gadgets, there’s one question you need to answer: How much is my old Samsung Galaxy worth? In this blog, we’ll aim to demystify the process of determining the value of your trusted companion and show you an easy way to find out the worth of your old Samsung Galaxy. 

7 Factors That Influence the Worth of an Old Samsung Galaxy? 

There are an estimated 40 million unused gadgets languishing in UK homes. If one of these is yours, take a look at the factors that influence the worth and resell price of your old Samsung Galaxy smartphone, to see how much you could make you in extra cash. 

  1. Smartphone Model & Specifications

The journey to discovering the value of your old Samsung Galaxy begins with understanding its model and specifications. Newer models equipped with advanced features and larger storage capacities tend to command higher prices in the secondhand market, as they will be in higher demand than older models. 

  1. Smartphone Condition

The physical condition of your Samsung Galaxy can be a pivotal factor in its overall worth. Although many resell platforms will still buy your device even if it isn’t in peak condition, phones in excellent condition, with minimal wear, well-preserved screens, and no significant damage, are more likely to fetch higher prices.

samsung phone
  1. Storage Capacity

Consider the storage capacity of your mobile device when determining how much it may be worth. Models with larger storage capacities are often more desirable, which can potentially increase their resale value.

  1. Carrier Lock or Unlocked 

The locking status of your Samsung Galaxy to a specific carrier plays a role in its resale value. Unlocked phones are generally more appealing to buyers, as they offer more flexibility when choosing their preferred network carrier, whereas carrier-locked devices are more limiting.

  1. Market Demand

The market for Samsung Galaxy devices is constantly changing and is highly impacted by new releases from Samsung. Stay attuned to the current market demand for your specific model, to determine the best time to sell your old device. 

  1. Original Accessories & Packaging

If you still have the original charger, headphones and packaging that came with your device, you may be able to receive a higher price for your old Samsung Galaxy. However, many reseller platforms do not require chargers and packaging when reselling your device. 

  1. Software Updates

Ensure your Samsung Galaxy is running the latest software updates to increase its appeal within the resell market. Phones with up-to-date software are perceived as more valuable, as they support the latest features and security updates.

Selling Your Old Samsung Galaxy with Zapper

Selling your old Samsung Galaxy with Zapper is easy, and a great way to improve your carbon footprint whilst receiving cash in your pocket. Use our quick valuation tool to receive an accurate quote for your old device. Simply enter some key details about your phone such as condition and model and we’ll give you a fair quote. Many people find their old Samsung Galaxy holds more value than they think! 

By taking into account your device’s model, condition, storage capacity, unlocking status and the market demand we can unlock its true worth. So, before bidding farewell to your faithful companion, explore the avenues of Zapper and ensure your Samsung Galaxy gets the second life it deserves in the hands of a new owner or purpose through responsible recycling

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